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Crisps are not just a yum snack. Crisps are life.

Come with me on a journey and discover the best crisps in the world (but mostly Ireland).

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A crisp connoisseur taking in a crisp bouquet immersed in sophistication

What is a Crisp Connoisseur?

Connoisseur (/ˌkɒnəˈsəː/) noun. an expert judge in matters of taste. “a connoisseur of music crisps
crisp connoiseur reviews

Expert Crisp Reviews

Read our expert crisp reviews so that you too can be a crisp connoiseur. 

I tried to be a hipster but I only really knew Tayto so when the conversation became about crisps the whole thing was falling apart. After getting some snobby opinions from Crisp Connoisseur I can finally be who I want to be!
Janet Morris
Tayto Fan
I don't understand why Doritos have such a bad name. I love Doritos and I don't care what anyone else says, I'm tired of being judged. Crisp Connoisseur showed me alternatives without judging me for who I am. I love Doritos.
Willie Brown
Likes Doritos
In Australia we love our cheesy flavour chips flavours. And when I say love I mean LOVE. Try to get something else than that in Woolies... Good luck with that mate. I've now discovered there's more to life. My eyes are open. I'm woke.
Sean Fisher
Cheese flavour chips ex-fan